• Light Greek Chicken Souvlaki Recipe

    Chicken souvlaki is marinated chicken that is grilled on skewers, as the word "souvlaki" in Greek translates to "skewer" in English
  • Mediterranean Chicken with Feta and Olives

    This easy and simple chicken tray bake is packed with the flavors of the Mediterranean and can be made in advance and just cooked in the oven 40-...
  • Chicken Escalopes with Olive, Caper & Tomato dressing

    Recipe by Alida Ryder. This dressing is quite amazing. It is such a pleasure to eat as the salt, almost-bitter olives paired with sharp and vinegary capers and sweet cherry tomatoes just work so well together.
  • Chicken and Olive Oven Bake

    Recipe by The Gorgeous Gourmet. This baked chicken ticks all the boxes - unbelievably moist (as it's cooked in stock) with a special appearance by roasted lemon andMediterranean Delicacies' Green Olives, ended off with a dash of cream - it's a special dish which your guests will think you spent hours preparing : when, in truth, you arranged it in a dish, placed it in the oven - and brought it to the table. It's so easy, in fact, you'll see that most of the ingredients are measured in handfuls. If that isn't a sign of a throw-together-dish, I'm not quite sure what is.
  • Chicken Pastilla (Chicken B'Stilla)

    Recipe by Food and the Fabulous
  • Ballotine of Chicken Breast, filled with Basil Pesto & Topped with Olive Tapenade and Bread Crumbs

    Recipe by Food and the Fabulous | See the original post here | Serves 2   A ballotine is traditionally a deboned leg of chicken or duck, stuffed, t...