• Moroccan Almond Pastries

    Phyllo pastry is one of those ingredients that I always have tucked away in my freezer. You can transform just about any ingredient into a super ...
  • Crispy Peach and Cheese Fingers

    Ingredients: 1 block of Mediterranean Delicacies Dutch Tomato and Olive Gouda cheese, grated 10 sheets of Phyllo pastry 1 tin of peaches, drained...
  • Caramelised Onion & Beef Phyllo Pastry Tart with Green Olives

    Recipe by Food and the Fabulous. I used the following Mediterranean Delicacies products: phyllo pastry, caramelised onion dip and green olives to make this quick and delicious tart. Cumin and coriander give a hint of the scent of Moroccan spice souks or markets. This tart is perfect for using left over roast meat - chicken, lamb or beef. I has some rib eye steak left over from dinner and sliced it up to add to the tart. I used a 28 x 20 cm rectangular fluted pie/tart tin. Thaw phyllo pastry overnight in the refrigerator.