Modified Cheese (Danish Feta) 300g - Mediterranean Delicacies

Modified Cheese (Danish Feta) 300g

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Our Modified Cheese is, in fact, imported Danish Feta and repacked into tubs locally (making it modified according to DAFF).

Feta is a protected name, very much like Grana Padano Parmesan or Champagne. The label is only allowed to say product of “Danish Origin”. Hence-with all products manufactured in Denmark using an Ultrafiltration process are called White Cheese. Some are called Danish White Cheese.

Danish Feta is made via Ultrafiltration, whereby a machine removes the milk Proteins from fresh milk and then uses that to produce Danish White Cheese. Only produced from Greece with a blend of Sheep and Goats Milk may be called “Feta”. The structure of Danish White Cheese is soft and creamy whilst a Traditional Feta is more firm and crumbles easy