Classic Salad with Smoked Chicken and a Mayo & Mustard Dressing

We used the Mediterranean Delicacies Coriander Pesto while preparing this smoked chicken salad with a mayo & mustard dressing. A great pesto uses coriander, chillies and sesame oil and this has it all! The coriander pesto adds plenty of flavour to the smoked chicken while the dressing gives the salad a light & creamy touch. I hope you enjoy!



1. Cut cheese into small stripes, half the tomatoes, slice the mushrooms and place all in a large bowl. Mix 'em up!

2. Combine ingredients for the dressing, mix until smooth. Add salt & pepper to taste and combine with the salad.

3. Cut the smoked chicken into stripes and cover in coriander pesto.

4. Place the salad on a plate.

5. Place the smoked chicken stripes on the salad.

6. Eat & Enjoy!

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