Mini Lamb Burgers with Mediterranean Humus

Mini Lamb Burgers with Mediterranean Humus

I love a good hamburger, perfectly grilled on the outside, medium to rare and juicy on the inside on soft sesame buns with crispy lettuce and tomato......simple but oh so good! Of course you can add flavor and texture to your burger, but if you use good quality meat, you are more than halfway there. Even a good chicken burger now and then, gets my attention, but the king of burgers for me, has to me a lamb burger. It is just in a different league! The flavor for me is just amazing, maybe because the flavor really is in the fat..... oh alright it is Braai Day, relax a little and just eat it, ok!



Squeeze the water out of the bread and together with all the other ingredients, place it in a mixing bowl.

Gently mix everything together and form it into 10 patties patties/burgers.

Heat your griddle pan or barbecue until it is smoking hot and grill the burgers to perfection.

Serve on mini buns with fresh lettuce and humus or as is with a dollop of humus and caramelized onions.

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