Smoked Salmon Souffle with only 2 Ingredients

Making a Smoked Salmon Souffle with only two ingredients, sounds almost impossible doesn't it? Just an ordinary cheese souffle needs at least 2-3 cheeses and eggs and flour! I must admit, souffles are not necessarily at the top of my list when planning a weeknight meal, but after a weekend of utter indulgence, we needed to eat something light, yet filling!

Ingredients: Method: Preheat oven to 190 C. First prepare two ramekins for your souffle. Use melted butter and with outward strokes with a pastry brush, grease the two ramekins. Place a little flour or finely grated parmesan in each ramekin and shake about so that the inside of the ramekin is coated. Keep aside.Spoon the smoked salmon pate into a small mixing bowl. Separate the eggs and add the yokes to the pate and the whites to a clean glass mixing bowl. Fold the egg yokes into the pate with a spatula. Use whisk or hand blender and whip the egg whites until if forms stiff peaks. Take about 1 desert spoon full of the egg white and stir it into the salmon pate. Once it is well incorporated, gently fold in the remainder of the egg whites with a metal spoon. Do not over mix. Spoon the mixture into the ramekins and fill the ramekins about 1 cm from the top. Use your thumb and forefinger and wipe the edges of the ramekins! Bake for 8-10 minutes and serve immediately. You can make these souffles ahead of the time and turn them into Twice-Baked Souffles...simply remove them from the ramekins, top with a little cream and grated Parmesan and bake again until golden and delicious.

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