Collection: Ybarra

Ybarra is exclusively available in South Africa by BM Foods

Ybarra is synonymous of experience, innovation and quality. With over 170 years of history, Ybarra has the necessary knowledge to be present in a competitive market undergoing non-stop transformation. Ybarra offers a wide variety of products based on rigorous selection, modern manufacturing systems together with strict quality controls. Expert tasters select the best olive oils at their privileged geographical location in AndalusiaYbarra Alimentación Group upholds the commitment and constant concern to offer the best quality guaranteed by large modern analysis and control laboratories, likewise research into new products. Ybarra exports a philosophy of life worldwide in relation to food, highlighting the acclaimed famous Mediterranean diet and the excellence of olive oil. We place investments on innovation, adapting each product to the new lifestyles of consumers, which makes Ybarra a leading brand in the Spanish and international food sector.