Calamata Type Choice Olives 3.05kg (Tin) - Mediterranean Delicacies

Calamata Type Choice Olives 3.05kg (Tin)

Tuna Marine
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Tuna Marine Calamata Type Choice Olives 3.05kg (Tin)

The Kalamata olive is a large black olive with a smooth, meaty texture named after the city of Kalamata in the southern Peloponnese, Greece. It's widely used as a table olive, usually preserved in a brine. Plump, dark purple olives from a tree distinguished from the common olive by the size of its leaves.

Traditional Kalamata olives are sourced only from Greece. Mediterranean Delicacies sources local olives that are hand-picked when ripe and cured using a traditional Kalamata recipe at our facility in the Western Cape to replicate the rich flavour in the true Kalamata Style.

These delicious olives are ideal for cocktails, snacking, pizza toppings, pasta sauces, salads and tapenades.

Mediterranean Delicacies sources the vast majority of our olives from local farmers in the Western Cape and 2020 has been a bumper crop. We are grateful that the rain has brought relief for these farmers and we can continue to #SupportLocal